How to Give Warnings in English ?

I do hope you won’t need to warn anyone about anything, but in case you do, here is the list of most commonly used phrases:

(F*) If you take my advice, you won’t + inf
(F) Let me warn you against + -ing
(SF) Whatever you do, don’t + inf
(SF) One thing I wouldn’t do is + inf
(I) Beware of + noun / -ing form of the verb (present participle)
(I) Don’t + inf

*F stands for “formal”, SF for “semi-formal” and I for “informal”

EXERCISE 1: Let’s take a look at the following examples and decide whether they are formal, semi-formal or informal:

  • Don’t you ever buy things in that shop!
  • If you take my advice, you won’t ask him for help.
  • Wherever you decide to eat, don’t go to that restaurant!
  • Beware of tigers!
  • One thing I wouldn’t do is drink more than two bottles of beer!
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EXERCISE 2: Watch the video and try to use the warning phrases based on the warning signs and photos 🙂
EXERCISE 3: If you like my videos, do subscribe to my youtube channel here and here and do the warning exercise 🙂


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