Expressing Disagreement in English

we dare you disagree We dare you use disagreement phrases!

If you need a list of phrases to help you express disagreement, let me list the most commonly used expressions.

As usual, F stands for “formal” , SF for “semi-formal” and I for “informal” register, as in the post about agreement phrases.

F: I disagree entirely.

F: I wouldn’t go along with you.

SF: I’m afraid I disagree.

SF: I tend to disagree with that.

SF: You can’t be serious.

I:  How on earth can you say such a thing ?

I: No way!

I listed only the  phrases I commonly use, but there are many more, which you can find on the following sites:

I’m sure you want to hear how to pronounce disagreement phrases and practise them as well:

English Phrases in Situations

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