How to Interrupt in English?

Here comes a list of phrases which you can use when you want to interrupt someone in English .

To feel most confident when interrupting, do learn only one or two phrases and then keep using them. Maybe it’s good idea to learn one informal (I) and one formal(F) or semi-formal (SF) phrase.

(F ) May I say something here ?

(SF)  Excuse me. Can I interrupt you for a moment ?

(SF) Sorry to interrupt, ¬†but…

(I) Hold on! …

(I) Wait a minute! …

Which one is your favourite ?

Now a short task:

Practising English phrases for interruption

Which interruption phrases would you use …

a/… at a meeting ?

b/… at home ?

c/… at a market ?

d/… at a party ?

e/… at a job interview ?

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