Expressing Preferences in English

phrases to express preferences

The most common phrases to express preferences in English are as follows:

F:  “I tend to prefer -ing… to  -ing… ” or “I tend to prefer X to Y”

e.g. I tend to prefer learning English to learning Spanish.

F: I’m (rather) more interested in X than Y

e.g. X= politics, Y= music, She  is more interested in politics than music.

SF: I much prefer -ing… to … -ing

e.g. I much prefer singing to playing.

SF: -ing … appeals to me  more than … – ing

e.g. Eating sandwiches appeals to me more than making them 🙂

I: I like X better than Y, or I like -ing better than -ing

e.g. I like chocolate better than biscuits. or I like painting better than drawing.

I: I prefer X to Y

e.g. I prefer Simon to George.

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