Describing People in English

English phrases

If you are interested in the most common English expressions used to describe a person, let me group them into:

1. Phrases used to describe  physical features:


  • What does he/she look like ?
  • What’s he/she like ?

Description phrases:
  • She is beautiful.
  • He is good looking.
  • She has long hair and beautiful blue eyes.

2. Phrases used to describe personality:


  • What’s he/she like ?
  • What sort of person is he/she ?

Description phrases:
  • He/she gives impression of  being rather shy. (F)
  • It seems as if he/she is easy-going. (SF)
  • He/she is moody. (IF)
  • He/she  seems to be quite chatty. (IF)
The abbrevations F, SF and IF stand for Formal, Semi-formal and Informal, as explained in the blog post about asking for and giving opinions.
Here comes the great video of EngVid  which will help you combine these description phrases with the rich English vocabulary:

The list of all the functions and situations listed on this blog can be found in the introductory post about the difference between functions and phrases.

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