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Asking For and Giving Opinions – English Language Function

In one of the previous posts about a difference between functions and phrases, I listed some functions and emphasized how important it is to introduce the level of formality next to each function taught.

Today we are going to focus on functions used in speech when asking for and giving opinions.

The I stands for “informal” and F for “formal” and  SF for “semi formal”, not science fiction, hehe.

Asking for Opinions in English

I: What about … ?

I: How do you feel about … ?

SF:What do you think of …?

SF: What’s your opinion of …?

F: What’s your position on…?

F: I was wondering where you stood on the question of … ?

Giving Opinions in English

I: I think…

I: I recon…

SF: In my opinion…

SF: From my point of view…

F: As far as I am concerned…

F: It would seem to me that …

Now that you know which phrases are used for giving opinions, you can practise using them by following the giving opinions phrases practice page.

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