Expressions of Agreement in English

Agreement expressions in English are often used. It’s not enough simply to say “yes” or “no”, you’ll feel much better if you choose one or two of the phrases listed below and start using them on  a regular basis. You’ll make a better impression and you’ll feel more confident.

I’ll give you a list of “strong” and “weak”  agreement phrases, so you can pick one from each group and use them appropriately. In time, you can always come back to this page and learn a new one.

Strong agreement phrases:

(F) That’s absolutely true!

(F) I couldn’t agree more!

(SF) I take your point.

(SF) Quite!

(I) I’d go along with you on that.

(I) I was just going to say that.

Weak agreement phrases:

(F)  Well, you’ve got a point there!

(SF) There’s something in that (I suppose).

(I) I guess you could be right.

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