Checking into a Hotel English Phrases

Staying at a hotel

If you are never sure which phrases to use when you are checking into a hotel, here comes an excellent video by LinguaTV Youtube channel:

These are the phrases which are often used when checking in. Which ones have you heard while watching the video ?

  1. My name is… I have a reservation for a single / double room for three nights.
  2. How did you book your room ?
  3. I booked the room through your site / a travel agent /
  4. I have a reservation number / Here’s my online reservation (and you hand a piece of paper)
  5. Can I have your passport / ID please ?
  6. Here’s your room key / card. Your room is on the third floor.
  7. How does wireless work ? What’s your wireless password ?
  8. There’s your access code and instructions how to use it.
  9. If you have any problems, feel free to call the front desk.
  10. Could you fill out the registration form please ?
  11. Enjoy your stay ! If there’s anything you need, please dial the front desk.


A few listed sentences are slightly different from the ones in the video. How so ? Which ones would you use ? Which sentences are used by a hotel guest (HG) and which ones by a receptionist (R)

In this video you can also hear a few small talk phrases, as well as giving directions phrases !

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