Common Money Phrases

My students adore Mr. Duncan and his fun videos about different topics. He uses so many commonly used phrases and collocations and groups them in different, closely related topics. Check out his great video about money :

Let me jot down the useful phrases and vocabulary he covered:


Slang words for money:  dosh, dough, foldable-stuff, greenback, moolah, notes, readies, smackers

Adjectives describing someone who is rich: affluent, comfortable, flush, loaded, prosperous, rich, rolling in it, solvent, wealthy, well off,

Adjectives describing someone who does not have any or much money: bankrupt, broke, bust, destitute, insolvent, on the breadline, poor, impoverished, needy
and penniless

Phrases and words related to banking:

to save money
to put money in a bank
to buy shares
shares can increase / decrease make a profit
buying shares carries risk
to invest money
to make more money
to earn interest (kamata)
to keep your money
to borrow money from the bank
to land money to the bank
to own a credit card

If you are running your own company you…

  • may make more money  than you spend  = be in the black (profitable)
  • may make loss = you are in the red

Common phrases and sayings:

  • money doesn’t grow on trees,
  • money is the root of all evil,
  • I’m not made of money,
  • that will cause me an arm and a  leg,
  • you look like a million dollars,
  • splash out,
  • rob Peter to pay Paul,
  • money makes the world go round,
  • throw your money down the drain,

and the most important one: money can’t buy you happiness

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