Phone Greetings in English

Phone greeting phrases

So, you’re about to talk to your friends, colleagues or business partners in English on the phone, but you are not sure how to start a conversation. Let me give you a few useful phrases most commonly used when you have:

  • to identify the person you are talking to: 
  1. (F) Could I speak to Mark, please ?
  2. (I) Is that Mark ?
  3. Can I speak to Mark ?


  • to identify yourself: 
  1. Thank you for calling …, this is Mark ( speaking ).
  2. Yes, speaking.
  3. Yes, it is.
  4. Yes.


  • to introduce yourself:
  1. (F-SF)My name’s Mark.
  2. (I) It’s Mark.
  3. (I) This is Mark (speaking).

Phone greeting phrases







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