Common English Phrases for Buying

If you want to go shopping in ANY country, you’ll need English. If you don’t speak the language, you can simply point to the goods you’d like to buy, but it is much easier to  learn few useful phrases as follows:

When you want to ask for someone to SHOW you something, you can use these phrases:

Again, I stands for INFORMAL, and F stands for FORMAL:

1. Can you show me the…, please. (I)

2. Could you show me the …, please. (SF)

3. Would you be so kind to show me the…, please. (F)

4. I’d like to see the…, please. (F)

When you want to TRY something, you can say:

1. Can I try it/them on, please ?

2. Could I try it/them on, please ?

3. Is it ok if I try this/these on ?

4. Where can I try it/them on ?

5. Where are the changing rooms, please ?

If you’d like the shop-assistant to give you a DIFFERENT  size or colour you can use the following phrases:

1. Do you have it/them in size … ?

2. Can I try the larger/smaller one(s), please ?

3. Do you have it /them in different colour, please?

When you finally decide what to BUY, you can say:

1. Wow, this one is great, I’ll take it!

2. I’ll have this one, please!

3. Can I buy the…

4. How much is/ are the… I’d like to buy it/them.

A useful link to the buying vocabulary and photos.

If you’d like to have fun with the common buying phrases in English, print this exercise with the useful vocabulary list.

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