FCE – Key Word Transformations 1

If you are taking the FCE exam, you’ve probably come across a rather annoying key word transformation exercise in the Use of English paper. I’m sure it’s not all that difficult if you start preparing for this kind of task in a completely different way.

Always imagine an ordinary conversation between you and your grandparents, who  have a bit of a hearing prolbem, hehe:

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You: Grandma! I’m soooo happy, I’ve been invited to the party!!!

Grandma: Pardon!? Can you repeat, please?

You: My friends have invited me to the party!

Grandpa(turning to your grandma): Her friends have invited her to the party! She has been invited to the party!

Grandma: Ah! Really? Can I go with you, darling ?

You: Grandma, I’m afraid you are not able to go to the party… is she, grandpa ?

Grandpa (winking at you): Well, I’d go along with you. She can’t go to the party. She has to make some dinner for me.


English Phrases in Situations

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