Common Phrases to Express Likes in English

photo of giving explanations in English

One of the most favoured topics is talking about likes and interests. Now, when it comes to English the first most common phrase is surely “I like”. But, isn’t it boring to start each sentence with it ? Hm?

Let’s go through a set of phrases which will help you sound more proficient when talking about various topics:

Asking about  likes

Again F stands for “formal”, SF for “semi-formal” and I for “informal”:

(F) I wonder if you’d like to + infinitve ?

(F) Do you find … appealing /likeable ?

(SF) Do you happen to like … ?

(I) Do you like …?

(I) Are you into … ?

Common phrasess to expres likes:

(F) I find … very interesting/appealing…

(SF) I’m very keen on ¬†…

(I) I really like …

(I) I am really into…

Let’s practise these common expressions of liking:

Take a look at the following photo and ask and answer questions about the following photo by using the phrases above:

photo of giving explanations in English










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