Best English phrases – asking for things

Talking about phrases you can use to make requests and ask for something in English, here is the video with an excellent explanation.

I’m sure you already know a lot of ways to make a request, but do you know which phrases are the most polite? This lesson tells you a rule you can follow to get your level of politeness right every time.

To explain about how to ask for things in English, I talk about two situations. The first situation is ordering some food in a restaurant. I tell you the best phrases here to make your order without overdoing the politeness.

The second situation is asking someone to pass you something. I give examples where you the language of the request becomes indirect. When language is indirect, it means that you use extra words and polite language that hide and soften your real intention. I tell you how to notice when someone asks you for something in an indirect way.

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Simply listen and repeat until you feel more confident. Once you do, mute the audio on the video and try to speak as the video goes. Give it a try and have fun!

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