Useful Telephone Phrases

Useful Telephone Phrases – Free English lesson to speak English fluently on the phone.

If you’re like most English learners, you find it difficult to make phone calls in English. But if you’re travelling abroad or working in a foreign company, using English on the phone is essential. So how do you conquer this obstacle to fluency?

Here are some Useful telephone vocabulary and phrases in English.

Firstly when you are the caller the phrases that you can use are

Hello / Good morning / Good afternoon …

This is John Brown speaking

Could I/ May I speak to ……… please?

I’d like to speak to …..

I’m calling on behalf of Mr. X …

Receiving a call:-

Who’s calling please?

Who’s speaking?

Where are you calling from

Phrases used for asking the caller to hold:

Hold the line please

Hang on (informal speech)

Just a moment please

Giving negative information:-

I am afraid he’s in a meeting at the moment.

I am sorry he/ she is out of the office

I’m afraid you have got the wrong number.

Leaving or taking a message (When the person you’re calling isn’t available, be prepared to leave a message)

Can I leave a message ?/ can I take a message?

The #1 Writing Tool

Could you ask him to call back?

Simply listen and repeat until you feel more confident. Once you do, mute the audio on the video and try to speak as the video goes. Give it a try and have fun!

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