Learn 6 Useful English Idioms and Phrases about Happiness

Learn 6 Useful English Idioms and Phrases about Happiness

In this video, Stephen explains 6 very common and useful English idioms about being happy with visuals and spoken examples. If you are learning English and want to understand native speakers, this video is perfect!


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Hi guys, my name is Stephen and in this video I’m going to explain six English idioms and phrases about happiness. Welcome everyone. The topic of this video is English idioms and phrases about happiness and I have chosen this video topic for a reason – that is because I am feeling very happy at the moment.

Why? Well my YouTube channel recently reached 1,000 subscribers. Now, I’ve only been making these videos for about five weeks so to reach 1,000 subscribers in such a short space of time is making me feel extremely happy and the communication that I have had with you guys, the comments that you’ve left me and the positive feedback has been wonderful so thank you so much [ERM] and let me explain to you some ways you can say you are feeling happy in English.

The first English idiom about feeling happy is ‘to be over the moon’. Just imagine you have just been successful in getting a new job and a friend asks you how you’re feeling you can simply answer ‘I’m over the moon’.

The next English idiom about happiness is ‘to be on cloud nine’. Here we have a cloud with a number nine on it. I personally I don’t use this idiom although it is common – you will hear it and it’s used in exactly the same way as ‘to be over the moon’ is ‘to be on cloud nine’. So for example ‘How are you feeling?’ ‘I’m on cloud nine at the moment’.

The next English idiom about happiness is ‘to be on top of the world’. If you imagine that you are feeling so happy it’s like you are right up there, you’re at the very top of the world. You are feeling amazing and incredible.

There is a song which I think students of English would find very useful and it is called ‘On Top of the World’ and it’s by The Carpenters – these guys. It’s from 1972 but Karen Carpenter had an extremely clear singing voice. She had what we call very ‘good diction’ and I think you would find this very useful in helping you to understand the expression ‘to be on top of the world’ and also to increase your vocabulary. I’ve put a link in the description below. The link to this particular video also has the lyrics up on screen to help you read the lyrics as you are listening to it.

Next up we have ‘to be buzzing’. Now the verb ‘buzz’ is the noise that bees make. It’s also the noise that your mobile phone or cell phone in American English makes when it is vibrating so anything which vibrates and makes [ERM] a humming noise – we say ‘it is buzzing’. Now if you are feeling very happy you could say ‘I am buzzing’ and it’s used in the present continuous tense.

The next idiom about happiness is ‘to grin from ear to ear’. The verb ‘grin’ means ‘to smile’ and here we have an image of a face which is definitely grinning from ear to ear. It means that your smile is so big it’s coming from this ear to this ear so for example ‘when I saw her she was grinning from ear to ear’. It means she was really happy and her face was lit up with happiness.

The next English idiom about happiness is ‘to be walking on air’. If you imagine that you are feeling so great it almost feels like you’re floating above the – the ground. You are walking on air – you are feeling fantastic. ‘How are you feeling at the moment?’ ‘I’m walking on air’ ‘I feel fantastic’.

I hope you have enjoyed this video and that you have found it useful, if you have please put a like on YouTube and share it with your friends on Facebook and any other places you hang out online.

If you would like to see more videos, please click here. I have videos on phrasal verbs, English spelling, British slang and more. I would also love to hear from you in the comments section below about any idioms that you have in your language about happiness so please translate them to English and let’s share and compare each other’s languages – thanks for watching!

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Simply listen and repeat until you feel more confident. Once you do, mute the audio on the video and try to speak as the video goes. Give it a try and have fun!

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