Common Expressions in English with Pronunciation

Common Expressions in English with Pronunciation

If you are not sure about the meaning of all the listed expressions, simply copy-paste the phrase into Google translate tool, choose your language, and voila! Have fun!


  1. be careful driving
  2. be careful
  3. can you translate this for me?
  4. … is very different from …
  5. don’t worry
  6. everyone knows it
  7. everything is ready
  8. excellent
  9. from time to time
  10. good idea
  11. he likes it very much
  12. help
  13. he’s coming soon
  14. he is right
  15. he’s very annoying
  16. he’s very famous
  17. how are you?
  18.  how’s work going?
  19. hurry
  20. I ate already
  21. I can’t hear you
  22. I don’t know how to use it
  23. I don’t like him
  24. I don’t like it
  25. I don’t speak very well
  26. I don’t understand
  27. I don’t want it
  28. I don’t want that
  29. I don’t want to bother you
  30. I feel good
  31. I get off work at six
  32. I have a headache
  33. I hope you and your wife have a nice trip
  34. I know
  35. I like her
  36.  I lost my watch
  37. I love you
  38. I need to change clothes
  39. I need to go home
  40. I only want a snack
  41. I think it tastes good
  42. I think  it is very good
  43. I thought that clothes were cheaper
  44. I was about to leave the restaurant when my friends arrived
  45. I would like to go for a walk
  46. If you need my help please let me know
  47. I will call you
  48. I come back later
  49. I’ll pay
  50. I’ll take it
  51. I’ll take you to the bus stop
  52. I’m an American
  53. I’m cleaning my room
  54. I’m cold
  55. I’m coming to pick you up
  56. I’m going to leave
  57. I’m good, and you?
  58. I’m happy
  59. I’m hungry
  60. I’m married
  61. I’m not busy
  62. I’m not married
  63. I’m not ready yet
  64. I’m not sure
  65. I’m sorry, we are sold out
  66. I’m thirsty
  67. I’m very busy, I don’t have time now
  68. Is Mr. Smith an American
  69. Is that enough?
  70. It’s longer than two miles
  71. I’ve been here for two days
  72. I’ve heard Texas is a beautiful place
  73. I’ve never seen that before
  74. Just a little
  75. Just a moment
  76. Let me check
  77. Let me think about it
  78. Let’s go have a look
  79. Let’s practice English
  80. May I speak to Mrs. Smith
  81. More than that
  82. Never mind
  83. Next time
  84. No, thank you
  85. No
  86. Nonsense
  87. Not recently
  88. Not yet
  89. Nothing else
  90. Of course
  91. Ok
  92. Please, fill out this form
  93. Please take me to this address
  94. Please write it down
  95. Really
  96. Right here
  97. Right there
  98. See you later
  99. See you tomorrow
  100. See you tonight
  101. She’s pretty
  102. Sorry to bother you
  103. Stop
  104. Take a chance
  105. Take it outside
  106. Tell me
  107. Thank you, Miss
  108. Than you, Sir
  109. Thank you very much
  110. Thank you
  111. Thanks for everything
  112. Thanks for your help
  113. That looks great
  114. That smells bad
  115. That’s all right
  116. That’s enough
  117. That’s fine
  118. That’s it
  119. That’s not fair
  120. That’s not right
  121. That’s right
  122. That’s too bad
  123. That’s too many
  124. That’s too much
  125. The book is under the table
  126. They’ll be right back
  127. they are the same
  128. they are very busy
  129. This doesn’t work
  130. This is very difficult
  131. This is very important
  132. try it
  133. very good thanks
  134. we like it very much
  135. would you take a message, please
  136. yes, really
  137. your things are all here
  138. you are beautiful
  139. you are very nice
  140. you are very smart
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