Essential Idioms Every English Student Must Learn

Speak Naturally

I love idioms and I know you do, too.

For this reason, I bring you more English idioms than you can shake a stick at, so knock yourself out.

This is a compilation of my English idiom videos.

It brings together the following English idioms.

Colour Idioms 0:15

Dairy Idioms 10:02

Egg Idioms 22:34

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Eye Idioms 30:07

Fruit Idioms 39:14

Heart Idioms 48:46

Seafood Idioms 58:14

Vegetable Idioms 1:15:08

Meat Idioms 1:23:41

Hundreds of English idiomatic expressions presented in the most memorable ways possible.

Simply listen and repeat until you feel more confident. Once you do, mute the audio on the video and try to speak as the video goes. Give it a try and have fun!

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