Most Common English Expressions

While searching for the most common expressions in English with pronunciation, I came across this superb video with both:

  • slow pronunciation
  • normal speed pronunciation

You can find more great videos on English Quickly with David

The #1 Writing Tool

Where are you from? I’m from Golden, Colorado, USA.

Hello, how are you? What’s up?  Hey!  What’s going on?  Good to see you how are you? What have you been up to?

Where’s the bathroom? It’s down the hall on your left.

What time is it? It’s 10:00.

Can I get a drink? I would like…   I’d like a…

How much is it? What’s the cost?    How much?

Where are you? I’m at my friends place.

Did you have a good time? Was it fun?  Did you like it?

See you later!   Take care! I’ve got to go so we’ll see you later.

English Phrases in Situations

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