Phrasal Verbs with Money

ESL money phrasal verbs

The post about useful phrases about money by Mr Duncan was very popular, and recently I’ve come across this new Youtube channel which I want to share with you. It’s called Skype-lessons and here’s the video about the following phrasal verbs:

  • To take something out = to withdraw  – e.g. I took out $500 from the bank
  • To take something back = to return money  – e.g. I gave him $40 back
  • To splash out on something = to spend a lot of money on something – e.g. I’m going to splash out on a new car
  • To cut back on = to use less and less – e.g. I cut back on unnecessary expenditures /  the amount of gas / food / cigarettes / alcohol  (noun: cutback)
  • To come to = equals – e.g. The price comes to 2E
  • To give something away (to charity) = to give money to charity – e.g. I gave all my money away (to charity) (it can also mean “to reveal” = his accent gave him away)
  • To fork out on something  = to spend a lot of money unwillingly – e.g. I have to fork out all this money on my kids’ education !
  • To sell out of something  = to run out of  – e.g. The theatre sold out of tickets.
  • To stock up on = to store lots of things for the future – e.g. Before the war my parents stocked up on flour.
  • To rip someone off =  to pay too much for something – e.g. That shop ripped me off.
  • To pay up ! = to pay immediately – e.g. Pay up now !
  • To pay smo. / sth. off = to finish paying something – e.g. In five years’ time I’ll probably have paid my mortgage off.
  • To go in on = to share price of sth. – e.g. Let’s go in on cinema tickets tonight.

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