English Expressions and Idioms – How to Learn them ?

If you are interested in learning some common English expressions and idioms, the best way to do it by having fun while learning. Take a look at this photo :

Idioms with lion











The #1 Writing Tool

… and try to:

  • figure out its meaning on your own
  • check its meaning via reliable online dictionaries, such as:
  1. Free Online Dictionary
  2. Reference Dictionary
  3. Oxford dictionaries and many more…
  • you can also check a few excellent sites sharing lots of idioms with examples:
  1. English idioms relating to animals
  2. UsingEnglish
  • google the expression in order to see how people use it in different situations (forums, blogs, ads etc.)
  • use it yourself as much as possible with your friends or online via different language learning sites:
  1. MyLanguageExchange
  2. Paltalk
  3. LiveMocha

English Phrases in Situations

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