English Expressions and Idioms – How to Learn them ?

Idioms in English Beard the lion in his den

If you are interested in learning some common English expressions and idioms, the best way to do it by having fun while learning. Take a look at this photo :

Idioms with lion











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… and try to:

  • figure out its meaning on your own
  • check its meaning via reliable online dictionaries, such as:
  1. Free Online Dictionary
  2. Reference Dictionary
  3. Oxford dictionaries¬†and many more…
  • you can also check a few excellent sites sharing lots of idioms with examples:
  1. English idioms relating to animals
  2. UsingEnglish
  • google the expression in order to see how people use it in different situations (forums, blogs, ads etc.)
  • use it yourself as much as possible with your friends or online via different language learning sites:
  1. MyLanguageExchange
  2. Paltalk
  3. LiveMocha

English Phrases in Situations

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