How to Speak and Write English Correctly ?

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If you are never sure if your English sentences are correct or incorrect, I’d suggest you used a few different strategies to solve this problem:

  1. Always type your phrases/collocations/sentences in English into Google search and check if people use them and how they are used in different contexts
  2. Make the most of the free online dictionaries, such as TheFreeDictionary, Online Dictionary,  Collins Dictionary, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Oxford Dictionaries etc.
  3. Check out these awesome collocation dictionaries: Ozdic Collocation Dictionary and ProWritingAid Collocations,  
  4. If you are in constant need of proofreading, such as my business partners from, I’d gladly recommend Grammarly which corrects a copy-pasted texts in just a few seconds, giving you options and suggestions how to correct not only spelling, but grammar mistakes and style!
  5. Last but not least,  taking online lessons of English on a regular basis is always the priceless experience and you’ll surely reap the benefit in the long run and stop wondering if you’re speaking & writing English correctly!


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