Be a Good Communicator


Listen to yet another video lesson of Steve Ford about how to be a good communicator ! In order to understand everything perfectly well, let’s go through the phrases and vocabulary mentioned in his video:

What makes someone a good communicator in business?

  • charisma,
  • being a good listener,
  • physical appearance,
  • using wide range of vocabulary
  • body language,
  • excellent pronunciation,
  • correct grammar usage,
  • being on the same wavelength,
  • being on the same page,
  • sharing similar ideas and opinions,
  • getting the job done,
  • ability to complete tasks,
  • making  a good sales pitch,
  • a certain way of selling things,
  • winning someone over,
  • swaying or convincing people (and getting away with it)
  • avoiding a potentially dangerous outcome,
  • managing people well,
  • not making an ass of oneself,
  • not making a fool of oneself
  • not assuming things 🙂


Business English topics mentioned are:

  •  sales,
  • project management,
  • customer follow up,
  • braking the ice (icebreaker)
  • audience
  • fluency


If you have a question you’d like to ask Steve, feel free to do so via his Private English Portal page!

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