FCE – Key Word Transformations 2

If you remember, I’m trying to make these difficult FCE key word transformation exercises easy by transforming them into  cosy daily dialogues with you and your imaginary grandparents who are a bit deaf 🙂

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So, after practising the key word transformations with the Passive voice and modal verb “can”, let’s move onto the topic of “such” vs. “so” and “too” vs. “enough”.

Let’s imagine the dialogue as follows:

You: Granny, Granny, see what I’ve bought at Zara – a skirt!

Granny: Oh, what a beautiful skirt… but it’s too short for you to wear!

You: Well, actually  it’s long enough for me to wear, isn’t it ?

Granny: Well… I’m not sure… anyway, it’s such a beautiful skirt that it doesn’t really matter!

You: Yes, you are right, the skirt is so beautiful !

If you need to practise these useful key word transformation phrases, you can find good ones at Floe Joe FCE pages.

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