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If you happen to be promoting your services via or inquiring about products there, you must use be using English. After working as a part-time translator for a company which regularly orders goods via this priceless site, I realized that a post which lists most commonly needed phrases used in business correspondence is essential.

Common English Phrases for buyers, inquiring about a product (starting from the most formal (F), going down towards semi-formal (SF) – I excluded informal phrases (I), which would be unsuitable for this purpose).

1. I’m calling / writing to you to inquire about the product you advertise on (F)
2. I’d like to inquire about the TP103 item on page 3 (F)
3. I’d appreciate if you could send us your quotation for … (F)
3. We are interested in purchasing … (SF)
4. Could you send us your quotation asap (SF)

English expressions for suppliers

1. Thank you very much for inquiring about our product(s)… (F)
2. Let me inform you that we have received your inquiry about … (F)
3. It’s my pleasure to send you the needed information, as well as the quotation for our product (s) (F)
4. Please find the price list attached, together with the photos of the product(s), for you to check (SF)
5. I am sending you the quotation. Don’t hesitate to contact me if something is not clear (SF)

I have received a few very unclear offers, which made my boss instantly reject the cooperation. That’s why I’d suggest any business person looking for a successful and long-lasting cooperation to make the most of this grammar correction tool called Grammarly.

English Phrases in Situations

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