invitation phrases

Invitation Phrases in Business English

Invitation Phrases in English My favourite Australian network which can be found at AustraliaPlus, has always had excellent video lessons for learning English. One of them is Business English series dedicated to common English phrases which areĀ  used in everyday situations at work. Let me share one of the first episodes with a detailed explanation […]


English Idioms with All

Idioms with All Not only one, but I have found two videos with frequently used idioms with “all”. Which of these expressions and idioms would use on a regular basis? Which one do you find difficult to understand or memorize?

Common English phrases

English Phrases – Making Friends

Useful English phrases If you are not sure which phrases to use in such a situation, I am sure you’ll find this video with lots of English phrases for making friends really useful! Making Friends – English Phrases Making friends from other countries and cities is one of the best ways to practice your English. […]

Love expressions

Love Expressions and Vocabulary

Love Expressions Just to make sure you are ready for St. Valentine’s Day, let me share with you one more video covering very, very useful love expressions: List of Love Expressions To hit it off – They met last week and hit it off immediately. On the rocks – The relationship with my husband is […]

Love Phrases

Love and Romance English Phrases

Love Phrases in English Are you in need of love phrases in English? Here they come: Soul mate, finding the one for you, that special someone, absence makes the heart grow fonder, men and women are wired differently, the battle of the sexes, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, to cohabitate, you can’t […]

Speak Naturally

Phrases to Help you Speak Naturally

Phrases to Help you Speak Naturally One example of an English Fluency Bit is “be that as it may.” Be that as it may. Be that as it may. It just means even if that’s how something is, then we still have to do something else. So, as an example: “Ahhh. The weather is kind […]

ten most common english expressions

English Expressions – 1

Common English Expressions in Songs The best and most enjoyable way to memorize the most common English expressions is certainly by singing songs Recently I came across this awesome Youtube channel dedicated to teaching English with songs! List of Common English Expressions Before you listen to this beautiful song, let’s check if you are familiar […]